Ann Coulter Attacks Donald Trump, Says Voters Have Trained Him Like A Pet Parrot

Kristine Lofgren

Ann Coulter wrote a scathing opinion piece about the myths around immigration for The Hill on Monday. In it, she attacks Donald Trump, comparing him to a Myna bird that has been trained to parrot phrases without understanding what they mean.

In her op-ed, Coulter claims that Democrats, the media, and most Republicans want to enable illegal immigrants to cross the border "because then they'll never leave." She says that this encourages more people from Latin America to attempt to cross the border, and it's why people voted for Trump because he promised to build a wall to stem the flow of immigrants.

But, she says, Trump has failed to keep his promise when it comes to a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"You could teach a Myna bird to say the phrase 'Build the Wall' by giving it a delicious cheese cracker every time it says that. The Myna bird might say that beautifully, but it will never understand the meaning of the words," she wrote. "It won't have the first idea, for example, what steps to take to actually build a wall."

She went on to attack his comprehension.

"Throughout 2016, we gave Trump cheese crackers every time he said, 'Build the Wall!' Yet, as with the Myna bird, it turns out he lacks any comprehension of what those words mean," she added.

Coulter criticized Trump's decision to declare immigration at the border a national crisis, saying "the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot" on KABC Radio.

Trump felt compelled to respond to Coulter's barb on Twitter by saying that she was a "wacky nut job" and claimed that the border wall was already being built despite opposition from the Democrat-led House.

More recently, Coulter attacked Trump with another tweet arguing that the president doesn't understand the definition of "wall."