Kailyn Lowry Fires Back At Body Shamers: 'I'm Not Losing Sleep Over It'

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 has dealt with body shamers on social media more often than she should have to. However, according to Life & Style, the mom of three recently fired back at the body shamers and said she isn't "losing any sleep" over their negative comments.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked the reality show star how she deals with the body shamers and Kailyn gave a straightforward reply.

"I used to get really upset, but at 27, you can take me or leave me. I'm not losing sleep. Over it."
This isn't the first time that people have shamed the mom of three over her body, though. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kail clapped back after her former co-star Jenelle Evans' husband slammed Kail and called her overweight.

"I can change my body. He can't change who he is," Kail said.

Kailyn is happy with herself and doesn't care about what people think and that is all that matters. As long as she is happy with herself, then it doesn't matter what people say.

She has been sharing her life with audiences since her Season of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, she found out she was pregnant with her first son. Kail then went on to share her life on Teen Mom 2 and has been doing so for nearly a decade. Since then, fans have shared in her ups and downs.

Kail most recently appeared on Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 where viewers watched as she reconnected with her sister. As most viewers of the show know, Kailyn hasn't always had a strong support system from her family and her relationship with her mother isn't exactly on good terms. In fact, at the beginning of the season, she contemplated getting back in touch with her mom until she found out her mom was living nearby and hadn't reached out to her first.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special is currently airing on MTV, tying up the season. This year, the reunion is being shown in three different segments, different than in the past. On past reunion shows, the entire cast will film on stage together, but in order to avoid unnecessary drama among the cast members, the decision was made to have everyone film separately.

The first part of the reunion special aired on Monday night and part two will air next Monday on MTV. Fans can tune in to catch up with Kailyn Lowry.