May 17, 2019
Weekly Spoilers For 'General Hospital': The Nurses Ball Continues, Lucas Makes Connections, & Sam's Helpless

Viewers got to see the Nurses Ball kick off during Friday's episode of General Hospital, and spoilers tease that the week of May 20 will be jam-packed with more from the event. There are fabulous performances on the way, but teasers hint that some chaos may shake things up at various points.

She Knows Soaps shares some General Hospital spoilers about what is slated to go down. The Nurses Ball will continue during the early part of the week, coming to an end during the episode airing on Wednesday, May 22.

In the coming days, there are going to be some surprising performances during the Nurses Ball and fans have a hunch that everybody will see the song Josslyn and Oscar had been working on performed by someone. Josslyn decided she couldn't face attending the event, but perhaps she'll change her mind and attend, and viewers wonder if Cameron might step up to support her.

In addition, Anna will finally receive her proposal, but General Hospital spoilers hint that the big moment will come in some sort of unexpected manner. Viewers will finally learn the truth about what's going on with Ryan in the days ahead as well. It has seemed obvious that he's alive and had a close call with Laura and Curtis, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that this situation will come to a head during the coming week.

Sonny will be a bit irked to see Carly and Jax share a moment of sorts, and Sam will get into a heated confrontation with someone surprising. Sam is pushing forward on her plan to tape Shiloh going through the Dawn of Day initiation with her, but all signs point toward this heading in a dangerous direction.

Jason will get a panicked phone call from someone on Monday, but it's not known yet whether that might be from Sam, Laura, Curtis, or someone else. General Hospital spoilers add that Kristina gets her chance to confront Sam during Tuesday's show. Anna is going to be confused, potentially by how this proposal plays out, and Josslyn receives a caring note from someone.

Ava will slip out of the Nurses Ball, and it seems like the chances are good that she'll cross paths with Ryan at this point. If that's the case, it looks as if it happens during the show on Wednesday, May 22. Lucas is said to make some connections during that same show, and it may be that he realizes that Willow is the birth mother of "Wiley."

As the week continues, Laura will be back in Port Charles and present a plan to Margaux, but the district attorney won't be pleased with what she hears. Monica is in a tough position of having to share some bad news, and General Hospital spoilers share that Shiloh will be distracted in some sense.

The episode airing on Friday, May 24, will show Sam in a troublesome predicament, and fans may be left with a cliffhanger heading into the Memorial Day weekend. After that, General Hospital spoilers hint that Ava will be leaning on Scott for support, Franco will confront someone, and Sam may finally get to spend some quality, intimate time with Jason again.

The May sweeps period is almost over and fans are hoping for some bombshell developments in the days ahead. How far will Sam go in her plan with Shiloh, and how badly will this gamble backfire? Will Ryan end up being a kidney donor for Jordan as many suspect will be the case? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be crazy throughout Port Charles during the coming week, and it looks like there's something for everyone ahead.