Tom Brady Signs 3 Year Extension With Patriots

Tom Brady has likely guaranteed that he will be a New England Patriot for his entire NFL career. Today the future hall-of-famer signed a three year extension worth $27 million. The new contract will run through the 2017 season.

Once could say that Brady was already somewhat of a charmed life, being married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and recently becoming a new daddy. Now he can know for certainty that his family will likely be provided for well into the future.

The Boston Herald points out that Brady’s new deal is extremely cap friendly, despite the fact that it won’t have run its course until star quarterback is 40-years-old.

This particular contract has apparently put the Patriots about $15 million under a cap that isn’t expected to increase in the next few years. With players like Wes Welker looking for new contracts, this gives the team the ability to maneuver more.

Deadspin points out that the $9 million a year average is well below Brady’s market value. The site also points out that Brady clearly gave up more money to stay with a team he loves, but he was also given more guaranteed money that he might have gotten with a larger overall contract.

Unlike Major League Baseball, NFL contracts are largely non-guaranteed. That means that a team can cut a player at any given time and pay substantially less than if they were to serve out the entire contract.

Deadspin correctly points out that one player in particular is likely less than thrilled about this recent development. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is fresh off a Super Bowl win and is looking for a new contract.

According to recent reports, Flacco had said that he thought he deserved to be paid top dollar. Flacco had even talked about his desire to get a $20 million a year contract.

With Tom Brady agreeing to a contract that pays him less than half that amount, Flacco might have just seen that dream go up in smoke.