May 15, 2019
Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Finn's Furious With Robert And Questions For Mike Arise

Finn has been trying to engineer a proposal to Anna for a while now, but he has hit one obstacle after another. General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday's episode will have more action on this front, and things will get a bit intense.

As viewers have seen in recent episodes, Finn has been trying to chase down Robert, attempting to get the engagement ring back. However, Robert has not made it easy. Unfortunately, Robert made the huge mistake of leaving the ring unattended at one point, and Mike found it -- and kept it.

Robert discovered the ring was missing, and Mac offered to help him get a knockoff created. As this was all playing out, Anna saw Robert with a ring box and panicked over the idea that he might try to propose to her. As a result, she suddenly told Robert, Felicia, and Mac that she has no interest in being married again.

Elsewhere, Mike decided to use the ring he found to propose to Yvonne. That situation sparked some drama, too, as Marcus tried to find a way to accept that his Alzheimer's-stricken wife could no longer remember him, and would likely be happy to get a proposal from Mike.

Chase had offered to use the his detective powers to put some pressure on Robert, and Finn initially dismissed that idea. However, the second Robert tried to give Finn the fake ring, the doctor realized it was a different ring. Now, General Hospital spoilers detail that Finn will feel ready to turn to his brother for help.

Anna will meet up with Peter, and will glumly note that she thinks she's about to get a marriage proposal. This will probably confuse Peter, and it'll be interesting to see if he can help her shift her mindset.

Sonny was quite worried when he learned that Mike was planning to propose to Yvonne, and General Hospital spoilers share that those worries will continue. The sneak peek shows that Sonny and Michael will talk, and Sonny will voice concern over how Mike managed to get the ring he currently has in his possession.

At this point, there's not necessarily any reason for Sonny to make the connection that the ring Mike has is actually Finn's. Sonny may ask his father about the ring, but Mike may not even remember how he got it.

How will all of this be resolved? Right now, General Hospital spoilers don't reveal anything too juicy about what comes next for Finn and Anna. SheKnows Soaps notes that next week Anna will be feeling perplexed, and that may well have to do with figuring out that Robert wasn't planning to propose.

The Nurses Ball kicks off on Friday, and will be heavily featured throughout the coming week. General Hospital spoilers have teased that there will be a proposal taking place during the event, and Finn proposing to Anna would be a natural guess in terms of the couple involved.

Teasers hint that this potential engagement will be a big storyline in the days ahead, and fans will be anxious to see what comes next. Not only is Anna resisting the idea of getting married, but General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Rebecca Budig will be back this summer as Hayden. This news has the potential to shake things up even further as regards this particular couple.