Mark Wahlberg Asked To Play Captain Kirk’s Dad In ‘Star Trek’ Reboot

Star Trek Reboot

Mark Wahlberg revealed that he was asked to play Captain Kirk’s dad in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

It’s rumored that Wahlberg’s name always comes up whenever a new Hollywood action flick is being put together. Given that the actor was once approached to portray the USS Enterprise captain’s dad in J.J. Abrams’ box office hit, there might be some truth to these reports.

According to Cinema Blend, Mark Wahlberg recently revealed that he was originally approached to portray Captain Kirk’s father in the Star Trek reboot. The role would eventually end up in the capable hands of Chris Hemsworth.

The Broken City star revealed that he turned down the movie because the script was a little too complicated for his liking.

He explained to Total Film:

“I tried to read the script. I couldn’t … I didn’t understand the words or the dialogue or anything. I said ‘I couldn’t do this. I think you’re really talented, but I couldn’t do it.’ And then I saw the movie and I was like ‘holy s***, he did a great job.’ “

Should J.J. Abrams come knocking on Mark Wahlberg’s door in the future, the actor revealed he wouldn’t be nearly as quick to turn down the offer.

He added:

“I probably wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with J.J. again, so if he wanted me to do something that I couldn’t fully understand, I would probably give it a shot.”

Although Mark Wahlberg turned down a chance to work on the Star Trek reboot, his career hasn’t suffered as a result. The actor is currently slated to star in the next big-budget installment of director Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. The film should arrive in theaters next year.

Are you a fan of Mark Wahlberg? Do you think he would have been the right choice to play Captain Kirk’s dad?