Doris Day & Tim Conway Once Made Beautiful Music Together

The entertainment world lost two legends this week with the deaths of Doris Day and Tim Conway, who passed away less than 24 hours apart. Film, TV, and singing star Doris Day died on Monday at age 97 after contracting pneumonia, and Carol Burnett Show veteran Tim Conway, 85, passed away on Tuesday after battling an illness.

The deaths of the classic TV legends have left fans in mourning, but there is some comfort in remembering a classic sketch they did together more than 40 years ago.

In 1975, Tim Conway was a guest star on Doris Day's final TV special, Doris Day Today. The Pillow Talk star, who had planned to retire from acting in 1968 after her final film, With Six You Get Eggroll, found herself back on TV after the sudden death of her manager-husband, Terry Melcher. After Melcher's death, Doris Day discovered her late husband had committed her to a television series without her knowledge. Day honored the contract and The Doris Day Show ran for five years until 1973.

In addition, Day starred in two Tv specials, according to People. Day headlined The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special—which aired on CBS in 1971 and featured guest stars Perry Como and Rock Hudson— and Doris Day Today, a 1975 musical/comedy special that featured guests Tim Conway, Sammy Davis Jr., Rich Little, and John Denver.

Photo of Doris Day and John Denver from a 1975 TV special Doris Day Today, Feb. 19, 1975)
Wikimedia Commons | CBS Television

In one of the most memorable sketches from the latter special, Doris Day and Tim Conway made beautiful music together—or at least hilarious music together. In a musical segment, Day serenaded Conway, who was at the height of his Carol Burnett Show fame, with a sultry rendition of the 1973 Maria Muldaur hit "Midnight at the Oasis."

In the sketch, which you can see below, Tim Conway nailed his role as Doris Day's disinterested husband who tunes out her seductive moves via his signature deadpan style. John Denver and Rich Little appear the end of the musical sketch.

Doris Day and Tim Conway were both masters of sketch comedy. But Day left the Hollywood spotlight when she was in her early 50s to focus on her passion for animal activism, establishing the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978.

"I really loved being there, but then I started to notice that it was changing," Day told People of Hollywood. "If I had stayed in LA, I might play a grandmother in a movie, who knows."

Tim Conway, on the other hand, stayed in the business for most of his life. In 2013, Conway published his memoir, What's So Funny? My Hilarious Life, which looked back on his 50 years in show business. The beloved comedian largely retired in 2016, and fans were saddened when Conway was unable to appear in the Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special in 2017 due to his failing health.