Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Curtis Is Suspicious And Laura Is Frightened

John SciulliGetty Images

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital contained some juicy moments, and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode will be can’t-miss television, too. It looks like Curtis and Laura are on the right track in Toronto, but they may soon face more issues than they had expected.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Laura and Curtis went back to the house they had checked into previously — one that seemed somewhat suspicious. This time, a woman answered, but she didn’t have much interest in talking with them for long.

After the woman closed the door, Curtis and Laura acknowledged that something still seemed off. Viewers then saw that, indeed, the woman was hiding someone — and that person has a definite interest in Ava and Kevin. While Ryan hasn’t been shown yet, it certainly seems like he must be the person who is at the cabin along with the woman.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that during Wednesday’s show, Curtis will be increasingly suspicious. The sneak peek at the end of Tuesday’s show indicates that he will tell someone he thinks “she” is ready to talk, and it seems likely he’s talking about the woman they briefly communicated with at the cabin.

The sneak peek also showed that something will terrify Laura. It appears that she may be back at that cabin, snooping around, while thinking she is alone. Unfortunately, something catches her by surprise — and viewers can’t help but wonder if that surprise will be Ryan.

Fans will have to tune in to see exactly how this plays out, but it seems possible that Curtis might meet with that woman — away from her home — and Laura might use that opportunity to snoop around the mystery woman’s place. If that is what happens, Laura and Curtis will have clearly misjudged the situation by not anticipating that the cabin may not be empty.

Will everybody see that Ryan is alive and at that home, or will it turn out to be something else which leaves Laura so shaken? It is looking more and more likely that somehow Ryan will end up being Jordan’s kidney donor, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will all come together rather soon.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Friday’s show will have Curtis and Laura in a predicament of sorts, which sounds like it’ll likely be a continuation of whatever rattles Laura during Wednesday’s episode. Additional teasers have noted that Ryan will return to Port Charles at some point soon, and it seems likely that the Nurses Ball will be involved in some way.