Meghan Markle Accused Of Copying Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Post

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been accused of copying Kylie Jenner on social media, according to The Sun.

The furor started when American comedic writer Gary Janetti made the connection. Janetti has written for Family Guy, and was an executive producer for Will and Grace, but has recently found fame with his Instagram account, through which he parodies the royals — frequently using memes of Prince George. He currently boasts over 761,000 Twitter followers.

Examples of the satirical social media account’s posts include a picture of George giving a sulky look next to a headline about Trump’s visit to Britain. Another meme sees George smirking beside a headline that states that the queen “won’t tolerate” Harry and Meghan raising their child as a vegan.

In his most recent post, Janetti uploaded three pictures. The first is the photo released by Sussex Royal’s Instagram account for Mother’s Day, one which was featured a snapshot of Meghan holding little Archie’s feet against a backdrop of forget-me-nots. The second picture in the update was an old post from Kylie Jenner’s account, one which consisted of a picture of daughter Stormi grasping the reality star’s thumb. The third picture in Janetti’s update is a picture of George looking smug next to the word, “Meghan. “

Many users were delighted with the comparison, and were quick to comment on the perceived similarities.

“Even the same nail polish?! I thought both pictures are [sic] of the same baby!” said one outraged Kardashian fan.

“I thought I was viewing a Kardashian post,” said another follower.

“Meghandashian [sic],” commented a third user.

However, not everyone thought that the two pictures were particularly similar.

“Why am I the only one that doesn’t get it?” wrote a confused fan.

“I don’t get it,” another user agreed, using the confused face emoji for emphasis.

Many commenters also remarked that they thought the feet suggested that Archie was older than advertised, adding to rumors that he was secretly born two weeks ago — in mid-April — as was reported by The Inquisitr.

“Those are NOT the feet of a 2 day old baby. They look much too filled out & smooth. Newborns shed skin the first few days esp on their feet. And they’re huge!” said one user.

“Those feet look like those of an older baby,” a second commenter wrote.

The post was extremely popular, and was awarded nearly 33,000 likes and 840 comments. Even Lisa Rinna, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, added a comment, writing “Gary… “

The Sussex Royal picture was originally posted in honor of Mother’s Day. Meghan Markle recently celebrated the holiday — her first as a mother — after having given birth to her first child with Prince Harry. The boy is named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Close up of Master Archie
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Archie was born on May 6. Mother and baby are reportedly doing well.