Hannah Brown Engagement Rumors Swirl As ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease Show’s Outcome

John FleenorABC

The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Hannah Brown’s season is going to be a pretty wild one. Of course, it will be nearly three months from today’s date before everybody gets to see for certain whether Hannah is engaged, but many like to get the scoop on that juicy tidbit ahead of time. Unfortunately, it isn’t known quite yet whether she’s engaged, but it is known that she has filmed her final rose ceremony — and it seems likely that there was a proposal.

As The Inquisitr previously teased, gossip guru Reality Steve has revealed that things got a little crazy for Hannah between the hometown dates and final rose ceremony. He says that Hannah chose not to eliminate anybody after hometowns, and took all four men to Greece for overnights.

While suitor Luke Parker had been a solid front-runner throughout much of filming, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that he was eliminated by Brown before doing the overnight portion of his date. Then, Peter Weber was eliminated after overnights.

If Reality Steve’s spoilers are right, that means two other men who had seemed like strong contenders made it to that final step. Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt are said to be Hannah’s final two Bachelorette suitors, but which one got the final rose? And, was there a proposal?

The Instagram spoiler account @bachelor.spoilers notes that they had confirmed via their own means that Tyler was one of Hannah’s final two. This account and their partner account @bachelor.abc.spoilers have teased that they are working non-stop to try to get the final rose scoop and it’ll be a race to see which spoiler resource can reveal the news first.

Usually, Bachelorette spoilers about the final rose and engagement emerge ahead of the premiere or shortly after. In this case, Hannah’s season debuts earlier than is typical and the final rose ceremony only happened over the weekend in Greece. Because of that, fewer spoilers about the ending have become available before the premiere compared to what is often the case.

Hannah is not back on social media yet, nor is she doing the media rounds quite yet. Again, because of the short period of time between when filming ended and the premiere airs, that is unusual. TV Guide shares that Brown is slated to appear Good Morning America Thursday morning, and it’ll be interesting to see if she shares any Bachelorette spoilers about being engaged.

Reality Steve teased via Twitter what seems to be a hint that he thinks he knows how things ended, but he hasn’t shared anything beyond Tyler and Jed being the final two because he hasn’t confirmed the final details yet. That scoop could emerge yet ahead of Monday’s premiere, but it seems likely it might take a little longer.

There have been hints that perhaps Hannah doesn’t get her happy ending, but that doesn’t necessarily convince fans. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, host Chris Harrison suggests that there might not be a proposal for Brown. However, the fact that the final rose ceremony took place seemingly Friday or Saturday, and Hannah is still off the radar, probably bodes pretty well for a happy ending.

Typically, the final Bachelor or Bachelorette couple spends a few days together post-filming somewhere secluded. It looks like Hannah is following that pattern with her guy and some speculate she’ll pop up again perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday in New York and then start preparing for media appearances.

Will The Bachelorette spoilers pin down details about that final rose ceremony and an engagement soon? Show creator Mike Fleiss teased via Twitter that this will supposedly be the most dramatic season ever and fans will be anxious to see how Hannah Brown acts once she’s back home and doing interviews again.