Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Summer Connects With Theo

Johnny VyCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that after she strikes out with Kyle, Summer turns to Theo. Is this part of her plan to win Kyle back, or is she considering moving on since Kyle is clearly interested in Lola?

Summer (Hunter King) has been scheming to keep Kyle (Michael Mealor), but so far none of her traps have worked. First off, after Kyle asked her for a divorce, Summer decided to keep her new job at Jabot instead of going back to Newman Enterprises. She maneuvered to get them to go out of town to New York together on business, but Kyle thwarted her by leaving as soon as business was finished. He was right back in Lola’s (Sasha Calle) arms before Summer could even pick her jaw up off the floor.

In New York, they met social media influencer Theo Vanderway (Nic Luken). Of note, on June 3, Y&R will get a new Theo with Tyler Johnson taking over the role. Theo and his influencers showed up in Genoa City, and they checked out Society with Summer and Kyle.

Summer’s latest strategy with Kyle has been to accuse him of neglecting work in favor of Lola. She even told Jack (Peter Bergman) that Kyle is jeopardizing their deals by not being attentive enough. According to SheKnows Soaps, Summer will once again berate Kyle for choosing to swim with Lola instead of working with her.

Kyle does not fall for Summer’s guilt trip, though. After Summer tells Kyle if he doesn’t get dressed and get to work immediately, the deal is dead, Kyle calls her bluff. He phones Theo and finds out that everything is perfectly fine with their agreement. Kyle tells Summer to go home, and then he and Lola make their way upstairs after he lets Lola know how much he appreciates her.

Summer ends up at the bar at Society after she stomps out of the Abbott Mansion after her failed attempt at luring Kyle back to her. Theo calls Summer, and she invites him over for a nightcap, which could mean several different things. It’s possible that Summer finally sees the light and plans to move on from Kyle and let him be with Lola in peace. However, the more likely reasoning behind Summer’s invitation for Theo is to try to make Kyle jealous of her, and then Kyle might realize that he cares for Summer more than Lola.