WWE News: Sting Reveals One WCW Star He Allowed To Step Over The Line, But Had No Chemistry With


The icon known as Sting is someone that wrestling fans around the world will always remember and honor. He paved the way for many young superstars and even a lot of veterans during his time in WCW, Impact Wrestling, and WWE. Unfortunately, not everything always works perfectly and even some of the greatest wrestlers can’t work well with everyone. Sting has now revealed the one star with which he simply had no chemistry.

During his time in WCW, Sting had partnerships and feuds with many different stars all throughout the roster. At one point in early 2000, Sting formed an alliance with Vampiro and the two worked together as the “Brothers in Paint,” but it was a very short-lived friendship.

Vampiro ended up turning on Sting and becoming a heel again, and it turned into a rather lengthy feud with a bunch of matches between the two. Eventually, it led to a “Human Torch Match,” which was won by Vampiro after he was able to set Sting on fire as the rules of the match called for.

It was a rather strange feud that WCW tried to work as two mysterious wrestlers who seemed similar, but were very different. Almost two decades later, Sting is talking about his time feuding with Vampiro, and it seems they were much more different than anyone realized.

Sting and Vampiro clash during their time in WCW.
Featured image credit: WWE

Sting recently appeared at Awesome Con 2019, and he spoke on a number of topics, including watching the insane wrestling of Cactus Jack/Mick Foley back in the day. As transcribed by The RCWR Show, Sting had no issues when working with Foley, but he certainly did with Vampiro. For some reason, he could simply never get that in-ring chemistry to work.

“I just couldn’t make that thing clear. I just could not figure out a way, and I was giving him permission to step over the line and do things that I wouldn’t allow anyone else to do over the years. I told him to call me by my real name… see if that’ll get through. See if it’ll create something. Nothing. There was no chemistry there whatsoever, I mean nothing.”

Despite the fact that Vampiro was working with a former multi-time champion and he had success against others, the two simply couldn’t get things to gel. No matter what, WCW continued to push the feud and had more matches between them, but Sting said it was never anything good.

“It was just a bomb. A bomb of bombs.”

Sting will go down as one of the greatest in professional wrestling history. He is a true legend who has had wars with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, and many others throughout numerous promotions. It’s just a fact of life that not everyone can work well together and when it came to in-ring chemistry, Sting could simply never find it with Vampiro.