Corinne Olympios Bitter Toward Casting Of ‘Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown, Saying ‘Nobody Loved Her’

Michael YadaABC

Former Bachelor in Paradise alum Corinne Olympios appears to be bitter toward new Bachelorette star Hannah Brown by stating that “nobody loved her” when she was a contestant on the season of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood and that it was “random” that she was chosen to star in the newest season of The Bachelorette on ABC.

Us Weekly reported that the former reality star said this about Brown’s casting.

“It’s just random. Like, why? It’s, like, there’s nothing there that would have made me be like, ‘I need to see her again on TV. I need to see her find love.’ Like, she wasn’t even someone that I was like, ‘I want her to find love.'”

She continued her comments by remarking, “Nobody loved her. When you hear someone being the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, it’s someone you loved and felt for on the season. It’s just, like, that was like, ‘OK, why? No big deal, but why?'”

According to Us, Olympios then worried her comments would be taken the wrong way and that Brown would “hate her.”

Olympios’ statements seemed to echo those made by fans of the ABC reality dating show, who appeared stunned when the seventh runner-up was cast to star on The Bachelorette after being rejected by Colton Underwood in his quest to find love.

TV Insider reported that Bachelor Nation reacted unfavorably to Brown’s casting. Twitter was ablaze with negative comments in March of this year when she was announced as the star of the latest season of the franchise.

Brown seems unfazed by the negative reaction to her casting by both fans and other former contestants of the show, including Olympios.

There were some former Bachelor cast members who reacted favorably to Brown’s casting, including Kaitlyn Bristowe. The former star of The Bachelor Season 19 and The Bachelorette Season 11 stated on Twitter she was “pumped” about the decision to choose Brown for this season, believing she would be “insecure in relatable ways” and that she was rooting for her.

Brown appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show shortly after the announcement was made that she would star in the next season of the series and remarked that she was excited to begin this new quest for love.

Brown also noted to the talk show host that she believes the reason she was cast on the show was that she was “real” and “showed every part of” herself. She also told DeGeneres that she wanted to “unleash the beast” on the show and is truly committed to finding her forever partner as she picks between the potential suitors who are looking to make Brown their woman.

The new season of The Bachelorette airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.