‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases New Tidbits About Hannah Brown’s Season

Ed HerreraABC

The premiere of Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette journey airs on ABC in just a few days, and filming is nearing its conclusion. The final rose ceremony is slated to happen soon, and spoiler king Reality Steve is sharing updates on the latest information he has managed to gather.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve have claimed that suitor Luke Parker had made it to Hannah’s overnight fantasy suite dates. Interestingly, the other two men who got that far have not been definitively pinpointed yet.

Now, Reality Steve explains the unusual step production may have taken to keep these details under wraps.

“The show has never seemed to care in the past about who got eliminated at final four hopping back on social media. Apparently, for whatever reason this season they do, because I’ve heard that they flew the final four guy to Greece just to hide him.”

As Reality Steve’s spoilers detail, this seems like a rather extreme move to make, as production could have just kept that suitor hidden away in a hotel in Los Angeles. Instead, it sounds as if they flew him to Greece and will keep him — and the next contestant eliminated — hidden away there until after Hannah’s final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve also explained that he has heard a lot of juicy stuff about this season, but he has not been able to fully vet much of what he has heard. There seems to be a lot of chaos going on behind the scenes, but the gossip guru is holding off on detailing what he’s heard as full-fledged Bachelorette spoilers, because he doesn’t have answers to questions that he knows will be asked.

In addition to Luke still being in the run for Hannah’s final rose, it is claimed that Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber got hometown dates. Which one was eliminated after that? Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that he’s pretty certain that Tyler got an overnight date, too, and he thought that Peter was likely to be eliminated after hometowns.


Filming in Greece should wrap up on Friday or Saturday this week, according to Reality Steve’s anticipated time-line. Usually, the final couple spends a few days together — hidden away somewhere exotic — before returning home. However, Brown won’t have much time with her chosen man this time around, as she’ll surely be back in the United States, doing media for Monday’s premiere.

Is there any juicy reason that the guy eliminated after hometowns was flown to Greece, if that is what happened, other than the desire to keep his elimination from leaking? Is there anything significant to the fact that Luke Parker’s date in Greece became somewhat public, but nobody else’s did?

Additional Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve should emerge in the coming days, but fans may not get the scoop on that final rose ceremony before the premiere. Everybody will get to watch what happens in Hannah Brown’s journey to find love beginning on Monday, May 13, and it sounds as if it’ll be a wild season.