'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Panic Attacks, Fans Thank Her For Sharing Her Story

While Chelsea Houska may not have the same kind of drama going on in her life as some of her Teen Mom 2 castmates, that doesn't mean her life is perfect. In fact, on the most recent episode of the show, the mom of three had to go to the emergency room after suffering a panic attack. Of course, at the time, she didn't know what was going on.

According to Us Weekly, Chelsea went to the emergency room, and although the doctors thought that she was having a panic attack, they took the necessary precautions and had her wear a heart monitor for 48 hours to ensure that everything was okay.

At dinner with her family and her father, Chelsea opened up about the fact she had been searching the internet and was convinced that something was "seriously wrong with her." She opened up about what she had been feeling.

"A lot has happened in the last six months. We moved, I had a baby, we were robbed. I told you guys this was gonna mess me up, because I don't handle this stuff well. I feel really anxious right now, so maybe that's enough talking about it."
On some recent episodes of the show, the reality show star was open about her home being burglarized while her family was away. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chelsea opened up about how she was feeling and explained that even though the new security system makes her feel "better," the whole things still "gets" to her.

Aside from the recent burglary, Chelsea also gave birth to her daughter Layne back in August. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she opened up to E! News ahead of Monday night's show to talk about the anxiety attacks she started to experience shortly after giving birth to Layne.

"I think it's really common and it's not something a lot of women talk about. I thought it was important to bring it up on the show."
In fact, since bringing it up on the show, a lot of fans have reached out to Chelsea on social media and thanked her for sharing her story.

One fan tweeted Chelsea, thanking her for sharing her story and letting her know she is not alone in suffering from anxiety and that people can relate to her.

Chelsea tweeted back, "makes me feel so much better to hear that!" and included a sad face and a heart emoji.

While it likely isn't easy for Chelsea Houska to talk about her anxiety, it is great that she is sharing her story and letting other moms know they are not alone.

Fans can catch up with Chelsea and her family Monday nights on MTV.