Andi Dorfman Says Chances Of Getting Back With Josh Murray Are Actually 'Slim To None'

When it comes to possibly reconciling with Josh Murray in the future, former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman was quoted in a People article posted on Friday as saying that she'll "never say never" to the possibility.

"I don't know. I never say never. I've learned that for a really long time, to never say never, but I think I'm really happy with the life I'm living right now and all I can say is I hope for happiness with him too."

Yet it seems that either Andi has since changed her mind about possibly reconciling with Josh or was simply misquoted. On Saturday, Andi tweeted a correction to People, changing her "never say never" to "slim to none."

"Never say never may not be in my vocabulary but slim to none is @people."

Perhaps Andi Dorfman now feels differently about that photo of Josh Murray hanging out with Ashley Iaconetti? Last week, Josh posted a photo of himself hanging out with Ashley, who was on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, and a bunch of other women. Josh's photo immediately prompted speculation that he's dating Ashley.

Josh later commented on the photo to deny that he has anything more than a friendship with Ashley.

"Ya'll are too funny over here, these are FRIENDS, nothing more, it's ok to have guy and girl friends, don't read into it that much. It was after a big AdvoCare event I had for my team, all about helping others and meeting new people. Hopefully I can meet all of you one day as well!"

Ashley later tweeted that the outing with Josh wasn't a group date at all.

"It simply looked like @jmurbulldog was The Bachelor on a 'group date' with all those pretty ladies. It wasn't at all a date."

If Josh Murray and Ashley Iaconetti do become an item later on, they may actually have Andi's blessing. Andi, whose eight-month engagement to Josh ended in early January, told People that Josh has her blessing to be with whoever makes him happy.

"I think everybody deserves to be happy and I don't know Ashley, but I know Josh and he has my blessing to be happy in honestly whatever he does and whoever he's with. If it's with her, if it's with someone else then he 100 percent has my blessing to be happy."

As for Andi Dorfman's own love life, she admitted to People that she's "ready" to move on from her failed engagement and date. She commented that there are plenty of good-looking men in her new city of New York City and that everyone seems to know a single guy. She also talked about the kind of guy that she's now looking for.

"I'm looking for a guy that definitely is going to be accepting of who I am and kind of appreciate the fact that I want to be a strong, powerful woman. And somebody that wants to have a career in whatever I want to do. Definitely a family guy and somebody who can just handle his own, I think."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Josh Murray has also recently spoken out about what he's looking for in his future wife.

"Somebody that is a family-oriented person, somebody that likes to chill."

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]