May 5, 2019
Baby-Nups Aimed At Helping Parents Split Baby Duties Are Becoming More Popular

Signing a prenup (prenuptial agreement) before getting married is a contract most people are familiar with. There, however, is a similar agreement called a baby-nup that is growing in popularity.

What is a Baby-Nup?

Like a prenup, a baby-nup is an agreement a couple comes to and signs prior to a baby being born. The idea behind the agreement is making it possible for new parents to find a way to split responsibilities tied to bringing a baby into the world. Typically, the agreement involves making decisions on how to split childcare duties and household chores. For couples that are not together, the agreement may include financial parameters as well.

According to Parents Magazine, several news outlets have reported that the popularity of these parenting pacts are on the rise. The publication goes on to refer to a baby-nup as the equivalent of a "grown-up chore chart."

Rachel Bowie, the mother of a nearly 1-year-old, told Parents Magazine the purpose of a baby-nup is to "have some sort of order" in place prior to the birth of the baby.

Bowie went on to explain that she and her husband established a flexible agreement, but she believed it worked really well for their family.

Parents Magazine goes on to reveal that baby-nups are not a new concept as parents Melissa and Greg Biggs – who gave birth to their second child back in 2015 – decided to create a "physical chore chart" to ease the exhaustion that came with having a newborn.

Melissa and Rachel's baby-nups are prime examples of each side of the spectrum as some parents establish a flexible agreement with wiggle room while some prefer something more concrete with no flexibility.

Speaking to CBS2, marriage and family therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D., confirmed there is merit in the proactive approach setting up a baby-nup can offer to expectant parents.

"Who's going to be doing what, and how things are actually going to shape up is very often unknown. So having a conversation, having some clarity about it, can only be enlightening and helpful," she explained.

In the past week, many have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on whether parents should enter a baby-nup prior to giving birth. The overwhelming majority take issue with the concept as they believe parenting should be an "unwritten contract."

"Shouldn't it be a no brainer? Unless if your relationship with the other parent is non-existent or going south, it would make sense to me that it should be split up to some extent when the baby is born without a contract," one Twitter user insisted.