Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn Wears Her Late Mom’s Famous 2004 Kentucky Derby Hat To The 2019 Race

Michael Loccisano/Mike SimonsGetty Images

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, brought a piece of her mom’s past to the 2019 Kentucky Derby. The 12-year-old daughter of the late model and her on-and-off boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, showed up on the red carpet for the Kentucky horse race wearing the pink hat her mother wore to the race in 2004, when Birkhead first met her.

Larry Birkhead posted a photo of Dannielynn wearing a punk Junona dress accessorized with her late Mom’s hat from her “unforgettable” appearance at the Kentucky Derby 15 years ago.

Fans of the late Anna Nicole Show star surely remember her 2004 visit to the Kentucky Derby. Three years before Anna Nicole Smith died, the former Guess model made a splash at the annual Kentucky horse race in a plunging pink dress and matching tulle-embellished hat. Smith posed for a series of playful photos as she showed off her Derby hat at Churchill Downs.

Fifteen years later, the daughter that Anna Nicole Smith only knew for five months before her sudden death looked just as beautiful as her famous mom as she wore the oversized pink hat.

You can see Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead wearing her hat at the 2019 Kentucky Derby below.

While Anna Nicole Smith turned heads at the 2004 Kentucky Derby, the star also made headlines for a run-in with singer Kid Rock. According to Today, an argument broke out between the two stars because Kid Rock had a problem with Nicole’s camera crew.

A witness said it was an ugly confrontation between the two celebs as Smith’s teen son, Daniel, looked on.

“Anna Nicole had a video crew and was filming everything. Kid Rock got upset and asked her if she had to have cameras following her every move. She snapped back at him and said, yes, she did. It really escalated, and he flipped the bird at her, and then she said, ‘I can do that, too,’ and flipped the bird back at him. It got pretty ugly, then afterwards, Kid Rock apologized to Anna Nicole’s son for making an obscene gesture in front of him.”

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The night before her spat with Kid Rock, Anna Nicole Smith was reportedly “the life of the party” at the famed Barnstable Brown Gala in Louisville. Insiders reported that fans broke down barricades trying to get in to meet the reality star and that Anna Nicole even upstaged Nick Lachey and his then-wife Jessica Simpson with her cameo at the annual bash.