Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, Arrested For Domestic Violence

What appeared to be a domestic abuse situation at home led to Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, getting sent away in handcuffs, according to TMZ. Sources told the media outlet that the couple was out drinking in Hollywood Wednesday night prior to heading home. The two apparently engaged in a verbal sparring match that eventually became a physical fight. It is unknown as to who called the police.

Authorities arrived sometime around 2 a.m. on Thursday. According to the sources, upon meeting Panettiere, they observed "redness and marks" on her body. Following an interview with both individuals, they arrested Hickerson after concluding that he was the alleged instigator of the altercation.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ he was taken in for felony domestic violence. He was released later that day after posting $50,000 bond.

Hickerson has a history of violent encounters, with the last known encounter being with his father.

In October, Hickerson and his father, David, had a confrontation at a South Carolina home. The police report states that cops responded to an assault and battery call, and arrived to see an allegedly drunk and panicked Panettiere at the door.

Last November, Hickerson came to Panettiere's defense after rumors circulated that her friends and family were worried about their new relationship after the drunken altercation with his dad, reported Celebrity Insider.

Hickerson had said that Panettiere was "healthy and happy," and there was no apprehension or cause for alarm about her or the relationship.

Some insiders have refuted Hickerson's comments, saying the pair had an unhealthy relationship, family and friends were concerned, and Panettiere might potentially have a drinking problem.

After she separated from former fiance and Ukrainian boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko last year, photos emerged showing a heavily drinking Panettiere and Hickerson. According to observers, the Nashville actress was barefoot and staggering from one bar to another before she was seen throwing up in the street.

It seems that it didn't signal the end of the night, because Panettiere reportedly rallied herself enough to drink some more. Various reports claimed it was not the first time this had happened, and the people in her life are definitely concerned.

Reports had surfaced in February that Panettiere's drinking is what barred her from having custody of her 4-year-old daughter, Kaya, whom she shares with Klitschko, after there were claims that she never saw her daughter.

Hickerson denied the rumors and said that Panettiere was "a great mom."

An insider told Celebrity Insider that Kaya resides in the Ukraine, while Panettiere currently lives with Dickerson in Los Angeles.

"To say she never sees her daughter isn't true," the source said.

The insider added that Panettiere had gone through many changes following Kaya's birth, and was attempting to feel content with her life and herself while she decided on the best way to go forward.