Democrats ‘Will Prevail’ In Battle For Trump’s Tax Returns, Says Dan Kildee

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Representative Dan Kildee believes that Democrats “will prevail” in their battle for President Donald Trump’s tax returns — however long that may be. The Michigan Democrat made the comments during his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, per Newsmax.

“The president has made it clear he doesn’t want to follow the requirement that they deliver the tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee on request,” he said.

“Ultimately I think we will prevail because the law is so clear and it not up to the administration or some lawyer that he hires to determine a legitimate legislative purpose. We get to determine what is a legitimate legislative purpose under the constitution.”

But as to whether the returns will be made public, Kildee said that remains a “completely separate question.” He added that there are still questions as to whether Trump is facing United States laws or the IRS is being influenced to help him bypass these laws, and said that Democrats might address such questions legislatively.

Kildee said that the law is typically used to guide Congress on specific questions and highlighted the unusual nature of the current situation, in which laws are being used to gain access to a president’s tax records.

As The Inquisitr reported, last week a key New York state Senate committee advanced a bill that would authorize the state Tax Department to release residents’ tax returns to Congress. The move is designed to bypass the White House and release Trump’s state tax returns to Congress as he continues to refuse to release his financial records.

In the past, similar bills have been proposed but failed to become passed by the legislature. For example, former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown have vetoed similar bills, with the former calling it a partisan political stunt and the latter criticizing it as a “slippery slope.”

Kildee also used his Morning Joe appearance to touch on the Flint, Michigan, water crisis and claims the water is being brought back to quality levels that are within federal regulations. But he added that the community is having difficulty trusting it because of the unfulfilled promises from the government.

“This is a real warning for the rest of the country because at the core, Flint was not just about water.”

The chief deputy whip said that it is still possible for other water systems to experience neglect to the point that they are “one misjudgment away” from experiencing what Flint has gone through.