Bartender Fired For Reporting Drunk Driver To Police

Twyla DeVito, an Ohio bartender, was shockingly fired after reporting a drunk driver to police.

Devito thought she was doing the honorable thing when she called police during her shift as a bartender at the American Legion Post in Shelby, Ohio. However, her employers disagreed and she was allegedly fired for her goodwill efforts.

WDRB News writes that during one of Devito’s shifts, she became concerned about a regular customer who she considered to be highly intoxicated. She decided to inform local police in an effort to prevent the gentlemen from driving drunk.

According to Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub, the customer was found to be driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. He applauds Devito’s decision to alert authorities.

However, the bartender’s employers reportedly did not share the sentiment. Just days following the incident, Devito was let go from her position at the Legion Post. She explains her shock:

“They do a lot of good for this community, for our veterans. I came into work, he was already there, pretty much hammered. He ordered a beer, I gave it to him, and then I started to try to slow it down, serving him.”

She continued:

“I called the police and said we have a very drunk person leaving the bar. He is going to kill someone or himself.”

An article by 10TV News writes that Mic Hubbard, a commander of the post, believes DeVito made the correct decision morally, he disagrees with her actions on a business level.

He explained:

“If every patron who comes in here has to worry about the cops waiting for them when they leave, the place would be empty.”

Do you think a bartender should be fired for reporting drunk drivers to police, even if it might affect business?