Leah Messer Details Reason For Split From Jason Jordan: ‘What I Did Was Never Enough’

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Teen Mom 2 fans have known that the relationship between Leah Messer and Jason Jordan ended earlier this year. Leah has remained mostly quiet about the breakup, admitting only that it was “toxic.” Yet on the most recent episode of the show, the mom of three opened up about the breakup and revealed some of the reasons behind the split, revealing that she felt that what she did was “never enough.”

According to MTV News, on the show Leah sat down with her producer to talk about the split.

“My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either and, not that they can determine who I’m going to be with, but they were picking up on the energy that I wasn’t okay.”

According to Us Weekly, Leah got more candid about the breakup and on the show, she explained that the couple had “a lot of disagreements.”

“We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately with parenting, and he gets openly angry. He doesn’t hit, he just gets upset and takes it out on everyone. I feel like there was always an expectation that I could never meet. What I did was never enough.”

Leah and Jason started dating last year. Initially, fans were shocked to learn that Jason was over a decade older than the mom of three. However, Leah revealed that dating someone older worked out better since he is in a different place than most men her age. Although Jason was older than Leah, the age difference didn’t seem to be what caused the relationship to end, but rather the fact that, according to Leah, “it just wasn’t right.”

Although Leah and Jason may be over, according to the MTV News article, Leah’s youngest daughter Addie didn’t seem to be too upset!

“I don’t like him either — he wasn’t cute to me. He was not handsome, he was not cute, he didn’t look like a prince,” Addie exclaimed.

While Leah may no longer be with Jason, she isn’t currently dating anyone. She has however been spending time with her youngest daughter’s father. Leah and Jeremy Calvert spent time together in New York City while filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion. As fans (and even Kailyn Lowry) wouldn’t mind seeing the couple rekindle their romance, it appears that they are simply spending time together to ensure they can co-parent their daughter.

Even though the most recent episode of the show detailed Leah’s recent breakup, she wasn’t sitting at home heartbroken. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Leah is currently spending time with castmate Kailyn Lowry in Costa Rica, and the two women appear to be having a great time together.

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