Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife, Beth Chapman, Opens Up About Cancer Battle

Teresa KroegerGetty Images

Fans of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, have been keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers as Beth continues to fight for her life amidst her most recent cancer diagnosis. As Us Weekly reported, Beth and her husband will be in Bradenton, Florida, during Mother’s Day weekend to attend The Source Church for two special services. The church has invited members of the community to come and listen to Beth speak about her faith during her health crisis and to pray alongside Dog and Beth.

Prior to her speaking engagement, Beth has opened up about her most recent battle with cancer and has shared some encouraging words with her fans who have all rallied around the Dog’s Most Wanted star during her difficult ordeal.

“Fighting cancer is the toughest battle I’ve ever been in. But my faith in God and the love of my family is helping me through. I am so honored to have been asked by Pastors Ralph and Joanne to share my story with their congregation, especially on Mother’s Day.”

Beth’s first cancer diagnosis came in 2017. Following some different treatments, her team of doctors gave her the “all clear” a few months later. She continued to live her life normally, jumping right back into bounty hunting with her husband, and the couple resumed their life together doing the things that they love the most.

In November of last year, Beth underwent emergency surgery to remove a blockage, and her doctors found that her throat cancer had returned. Since that time, Beth has shared that the illness has spread to her lungs as well, and she’s been undergoing different treatments, including chemotherapy and acupuncture, to save her life this time around.

Beth has continued to face cancer head-on and has joined her husband in tracking down fugitives as they tape their latest series, Dog’s Most Wanted. According to her Instagram, she still enjoys dining out with friends and family, getting her nails done in her iconic style, and attending appearances alongside her husband.

However, Beth had another scare earlier this month, and she was rushed to the hospital after she had trouble breathing. As an insider shared with Us Weekly, doctors removed “almost four liters of fluid from her lungs,” and she returned home shortly after the incident to rest and spend time with family.

“She hasn’t been feeling well of late and Dog is by her side. One thing everyone knows about Beth is that she’s a fighter,” the source added.