Crotches Kill? New Texting While Driving PSA Is Totally Cheeky

“Crotches kill” could be the basis of a WWII anti-sex PSA, but the newfangled warning is not about syphilis or “comfort women” — it concerns the all-too-common practice of gazing down at one’s nether regions while driving, an activity associated with texting while driving or Facebooking behind the wheel.

The “Crotches kill” PSA is Canadian, and aimed at reducing the climbing numbers of fatalities on roads due to drivers who look away from the road to shoot back a quick “LOL” or “I’m on my way,” and it’s all too often the last thing they do — or the precipitate to the car accident death of another, who wasn’t even texting at the time.

The Huffington Post looked at the provocative “Crotches kill” PSA, and how it is being used in Alberta to prevent instances of distracted driving due to texting. The site explains:

” ‘We know what you’re doing down there,’ is the main tagline placed on billboards, radio, online and yes, even urinals, aimed at stop commuters from using their cell phones while driving. ‘Distracted by your crotch again, huh?’ she says, ‘Well, it’s fine to do it here but it can kill behind the wheel.’ “

Donna Babchishin of Alberta Transportation addressed the mission of the “Crotches kill” campaign, saying:

“Our goal is to get their attention, and to ultimately save lives, and the way to do that was to come up with a campaign that spoke to them and generated conversation … The campaign is in part targeted at a very young demographic. The highest rate of convictions for distracted driving are actually 25 to 34-year-old males.”

In addition to billboards, the “Crotches kill” campaign also includes … a talking urinal puck.