Bum Rap: Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Nicknamed ‘Cressida Bon-Arse’

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas was only introduced to the world a few days ago, but she has already skyrocketed to Kate Middleton levels of fame and public interest. Like the Duchess, that also means fascination with her figure.

The Mirror UK is running a story claiming that pals call Cressida Bonas “Bon-arse,” which the kind of story I’d usually treat with a grain of salt except that it’s a pretty obvious and rather clever portmanteau.

Cressida reportedly hates the nickname (another non-surprise) and has asked friends to stop using it.

Fascination with Cressida’s bum might elbow out interest in another famous fanny – that of Pippa Middleton. The 29-year-old is infamous for her own shapely derriere, after photogs snapped pictures of her in a tight bridesmaid’s dress at the wedding of 31-year-old sister Kate nearly two years ago.

But Cressida’s friends reportedly say that Ms. “Bon-arse” is the complete opposite of “Sloane Ranger types” like Pippa Middleton.

Friends also say that Cressida isn’t the type for big royal wedding.

“She couldn’t think of anything worse than a huge wedding!” a source said. “The truth is she isn’t particularly keen on being a royal bride.

“Harry has joked they should run away and get married in Vegas. If she was going to get married, she would like to do it barefoot on the beach in Bali with just her closest family and friends there.

“But really she’s not that interested in getting married. Her mum ­divorced four times so she’s not about to rush into anything.”

Nonetheless, the source opined that Harry and Cressida are well-matched.

“She is a bit of a party girl and quite rebellious but she’s very down-to-earth – just like Harry. They are a perfect match for each other.”

It might be low of me to ask, but I will anyway. Do you think Cressida “Bon-arse” is an appropriate nickname for Prince Harry’s gal pal?

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