June 3, 2015
Niall Horan Goes Solo -- But Is He On The Rebound?

Only a short time ago, Niall Horan was a single man. Now, it looks like Niall Horan's recent short relationship has burnt out completely. However, is Niall Horan on the rebound and immediately moving on to a new love -- or are these just rumors?

In late March, only a week before Zayn Malik quit One Direction, there were bets being placed in the U.K. about Niall Horan. In particular, bettors were vying to place Melissa Whitelaw as the person that Niall Horan would date next. Little did they know that Melissa and Niall Horan had been dating since February.

Sadly, only a few months after he officially started dating Meliss Whitelaw, Niall Horan decided to be a bachelor again.

In the days since Niall Horan went back to being single, there has been a flood of media headlines speculating about potential romantic replacements for Melissa Whitelaw.

The Daily Mail U.K. states, "[Niall Horan] is single again after he realized that it was too difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship with Sydney student Melissa Whitelaw, also 21."

They also quote an insider source that told The Sun in a print-only edition that, "Niall and Melissa did well to keep their romance low-profile during their time together.... But realistically they always knew it was going to be tough, keeping a relationship going with such distance between them."

On June 2, the Mirror U.K. suggested that Matilde Mourinho could be Niall Horan's next girlfriend. They quote an insider source that states, "Niall Horan and Matilde have known each other for a while, but they've been spending more time together recently while he's in London on a break from his world tour."

SugarScape spoke directly to another potential Niall Horan girlfriend about her experiences with dancing in late May with Niall. Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall stated the following on June 2 concerning rumors that she had hooked up with Niall Horan.

"As for the rumors… those things don't really bother me. I mean me and Niall are just friends, we've known each other for years now [puts on posh London accent] it's just a bit o' banter. The fans are lovely anyway, they know there's nothing going on, so I don't really mind."

Could there possibly be more rumors about Niall Horan's love life just days after he and Melissa Whitelaw broke up? In fact, there is a third girlfriend-related piece of gossip about Niall Horan -- and his ex thinks fans need to know.

The Daily Record U.K. stated that Ellie Goulding has a confession to make about previously dating Niall Horan. While Ellie Goulding does not speculate that she will be getting back together with Niall Horan, she does want to clarify some gossip.

For the record, Ellie Goulding wants fans to keep in mind that she never dated Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan at the same time.

As far as actually giving a positive opinion about the newly-single Niall Horan, Capital FM has an interesting set of quotes from Fifth Harmony. On June 2, Capital FM reported that the Fifth Harmony girls "think the One Direction boys are pretty much ace… but it sounds like there's one member who's caught their eye the most!"

About Niall Horan, Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello says, "We actually hung out with him last time, he's such a cool guy to kick it with. Very chilled and very welcoming."

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