A 2GB Chicken Drumstick

I realize that USB flash drives can be rather boring especially from a marketing point of view and as such we are always seeing different ways to get people to buy them. There has been everything from the quirky to the cool but there is another class of just downright stupid and this offering doesn’t even pass the cutesy level on its way down to idiotic.

The idea of wandering around with a chicken drumstick or a slab of pork that is doubling as a USB flash drive is just something that I can’t see myself doing. What’s even worse is that you can’t just leave it lying around if you have a cat or dog in the house because the next thing you know your cutesy flash drive could end up costing you a major vet bill.

Of course if chicken or port isn’t up your alley you can always check out the supplier of this fine electronic trinket and get a strwaberry, layer cake or even a hamburger one. Either way I just think the whole idea of fruit or meat flash drives is dumb.