'General Hospital' Fans Speculate That Carly Catches Michael's Illness, Putting Her And The Baby At Risk

The flu seems to be spreading around Port Charles, as seen on Friday's General Hospital. Both Michael and Sasha ended up going for medical treatment at GH because of it. But before that, Michael paid a visit to Sonny and Carly to discuss Kristina's situation. This has fans worried about what's to come.

Carly is pregnant and her baby bump is now showing pretty well. She has just been to the doctor and despite this being a high-risk pregnancy for her, everything seems fine for the moment. There had been rumors swirling that she would end up losing this baby. Unfortunately, it appears that it could be because of Michael. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Sonny will be concerned next week.

Although no details were given just yet, it could very well be about Carly and their baby. Sonny is also concerned about Kristina and he is seen in the previews talking to Neil, so his concerns could be about his daughter. However, fans are convinced that Michael being around Carly when he was sick will cause her to get sick as well.

Michael said that he didn't want to get too close to his mother, but he was sneezing and coughing right in front of her. She also sat down in the same chair that he had been sitting in after he left. This could all lead up to Carly getting the same thing.

There is a reason that Michael and Sasha both got sick. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Sasha had blurted out in front of Michael that she wished Nina was her real mother. She had just been given some drugs for her illness and didn't know what she was saying. Michael heard it and was a little confused. He will probably just pass it off due to the drugs, but it does appear that their illness will eventually lead up to the whole Sasha reveal or at least put Michael in the middle of it.

As fans have speculated on social media, it could also lead up to Carly and the baby being in danger. There is a chance that she could miscarry. Also, Sonny's fears could come true if it puts Carly's life in danger as well. Michael will feel pretty guilty if this should all come into play.

Keep watching General Hospital as May sweeps are almost here. There is so much more drama to see. The 2019 Nurses Ball is happening, Jax is returning, and Shiloh could finally be taken down.