Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s U.S. Tour Postponed Again

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have postponed their trip to the United States and Canada once again, this time reportedly out of concern that their baby will be too young to travel, says royal watcher Katie Nicholl.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had initially planned to make the trip to North America this spring, but then the duchess got pregnant, says Vanity Fair. The couple then pushed the trip back until fall of 2019, but now concerns over traveling with an infant have pushed the junket off until 2020.

A source close to the couple is reporting that the family Sussex will not be traveling overseas this year.

“As it stands, the Duchess of Sussex won’t be going away on an official overseas tour this year. That’s the word out of the Palace, although things might change. Right now we have been told that there won’t be any overseas travel before the end of the year because Baby Sussex will be too young.”

Considering that the baby has not been born yet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reluctant to commit to a big tour at this point, though they are both eager to make the North American trip with the baby.

Markle and Prince Harry are said to be thinking practically about the future, combining what is best for their family and for their roles as representatives of the United Kingdom. Though there has been a lot of buzz about the couple picking up stakes and moving to Africa, a source close to the two deny this, saying that it was never meant to be a total move to a new continent.

The Buckingham Palace source said it was always meant to be a series of trips as Commonwealth ambassadors and not a full move to Africa. The source also added that this was the idea of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and not something that was being thrust upon them.

Markle and the prince are still planning to make the U.K. and Frogmore Cottage their home base, but both are eager to have an “international profile,” according to a source close to the Sussexes, who are reportedly eager to do something significant.

“Harry was always referred to as the spare, but he’s not the spare any more. This is about him and Meghan finding meaningful roles for the future. It’s about Harry redefining his role and him and Meghan finding a new role in the Royal Family and creating their own place in the institution.”