Phaedra Parks Might Be Returning To ‘RHOA’ After Being Fired For Spreading Rape Rumors

Phaedra Parks was canned from the Real Housewives of Atlanta after she started spreading rumors about castmate Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams. Now, the disgraced star is in talks to return to the show thanks to NeNe Leakes, according to Radar Online.

NeNe has been lobbying Bravo to let Phaedra back onto the show, telling Andy Cohen that she wanted her co-star back on the show.

“Phaedra has a meeting with Bravo execs to talk about coming back to the show,” a source said.

The problem is, Kandi is going to be upset if the Atlanta lawyer makes a return.

“Kandi will be so upset,” the source added. “She wanted Phaedra fired after she made up with that lie that she wanted to drug Porsha and rape her. But Kandi has already signed her contract for the next season, so she is going to have to film with her.”

The insider said that Phaedra would be NeNe’s only friend on the show at this point and her re-appearance could be sensational, but she’ll need to film first and prove that she is worthy to return to the show. She always “brings a whole new level of craziness,” the insider said.

Phaedra was fired because she started spreading rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha. Kandi confronted her co-star on a reunion episode of the show, according to Too Fab.

“To say I would drug somebody, there’s multiple levels to that,” she said. “She, as a person who knows me, knows I don’t do drugs or deal with anything with drugs, but then on top of that, as an attorney why would you repeat to say somebody would drug somebody?”

She added that the rumor had hurt her business and brand and that as an attorney, she should know better. Then Kandi walked off the show in fury.

Phaedra admitted that she shouldn’t have repeated the rumor because she wasn’t even sure if the rumor was true to begin with. At that point, Phaedra was out from the show.

Andy Cohen talked about the situation according to E! News, saying that no one wanted anything to do with Phaedra after the reunion. He said that it was impossible to film a group of friends when no one was speaking to one of the people.

Phaedra’s co-star, who also left the show, Kenya Moore, may also be returning to the show. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the star may be coming back, while Shamari DeVoe may be out.