‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Eileen Davidson Is Every Fan This Week

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) mourns the loss of his best friend, Neil Winters.
Michael Yarish / CBS

This week, The Young and the Restless honored the life of Neil Winters in Genoa City as the citizens said goodbye to one of their own. The scenes have been all the more poignant because of the raw, real emotions of the actors who desperately miss their dearly departed co-star, Kristoff St. John. The cast and crew of Y&R, along with CBS daytime and the fans, were stunned to learn that St. John passed away on February 3, and now the scenes they filmed to lay Neil to rest are airing as a tearful reminder of all that daytime and the world lost when the actor took his last breath.

Eileen Davidson, who plays Ashley Abbott, took to Twitter to express her feelings, and in her words, every fan finds his or herself.

“I’ve cried a million tears this week. @YandR_CBS and I’ll cry a million more… love you @kristoffstjohn1,” Davidson tweeted.

Her followers immediately responded with similar sentiments.

“My God…the scene with you and Peter [Jack Abbot] in yesterday’s episode broke me in half. Ashley blaming herself for not making the time for Neil. Your chemistry with Kristoff was out of this world,” one wrote.

Before Ashley left for Paris to begin My Beauty, she and Neil had a romantic relationship, and she had to say goodbye to that. Earlier this week, Ashley expressed to her brother, Jack, that she thought Neil would always be there, and she felt guilty for not picking up the phone and calling him more often after she left town. As most people do, Ashley thought she had more time to spend with her friend and sometimes romantic partner, Neil.

“I think anyone who watched this episode cried. It was superb, and you could tell the tears were genuinely for Kristoff. Great writing and super acting. Seeing Shemar [Moore as Malcolm Winters] was a bonus,” another fan wrote.

Viewers have felt the intense sadness that the actors and their characters feel as the episodes honoring Neil aired this week. It’s been incredibly tough to watch, but also necessary for everyone to continue forward in the grieving process.

Tomorrow, according to The Inquisitr, Neil’s family and friends will celebrate his life at Devon’s (Bryton James) penthouse raising a glass in his honor. Also tomorrow, CBS daytime’s The Talk will dedicate the show to remembering St. John. Then, on Monday, Y&R will air a special unscripted episode honoring and celebrating St. John’s legacy, which airs during the soap’s regular time slot.