‘Andi Mack’ Canceled, Disney Series To Wrap For Good At End Of Season 3 And Fans Are Not Happy

Mitch HaasethDisney Channel

The Disney Channel has decided to end the fan-favorite series Andi Mack. Season 3 is set to resume airing in June and the show will be done for good when those existing episodes finish airing. Fans are shocked by the news and the stars of the family-friendly show are sharing their disappointment.

Season 3 of Andi Mack started airing last October and ran 13 episodes with a mid-season finale airing in March. It appears that there are still seven episodes remaining in Season 3, but now those will be the last shows fans will get.

Deadline shares that the Disney Channel has decided not to renew the show for a fourth season. Two episodes will air on Friday, June 21, and then the remaining shows will air each week with the last one airing on July 26.

The show has been praised not only for putting together storylines that resonated with their young audience, but for also featuring the first coming-out storyline for the channel. As viewers know, Cyrus came out at the beginning of Season 2. Andi Mack has been the Disney Channel’s most-watched show and their highest-rated within the demographic of viewers ages 6 to 14.

It doesn’t appear that the network has shared a detailed reason for declining to renew Andi Mack. Some people speculate that the bombshell reports about actor Stoney Westmoreland, who played Andi’s grandfather, being arrested may have played a part in the decision.

As The Wrap detailed shortly after Westmoreland’s arrest, the actor was promptly fired from Andi Mack. The show seemingly had a plan for continuing without him, so fans are feeling stunned by the cancellation reports.

It didn’t take long for some of the Andi Mack cast members to comment on the cancellation news via social media and fans are mourning the show’s end as well. Sofia Wylie, who has played Buffy, took to Twitter to say that the series would always be a part of her and that she would forever cherish the fans, cast, crew, and writers.

Joshua Rush, who portrayed Cyrus, shared a thread to his Twitter page shortly after the news emerged. He notes that the cast was able to sense that they were nearing the end as they filmed these remaining Season 3 shows, and he approached show creator and executive producer Terri Minsky to talk about what was happening.

“I told her this show was something more than what came out on screen. I told her it was lightning in a bottle. And every single day it really felt that way. This cast? Never had I worked with a group of people who became more than just work friends, but instead real, true friends for life that I will have.”

Rush went on to praise the Andi Mack crew and said that it was an “incredible honor” to play this “groundbreaking and layered character.” He also raved about the show’s fans and said that they helped make the experience more than he could have dreamed of having.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who has played the role of Andi, let photos from the series do the talking. She shared a handful of shots from her time filming via her Instagram page and said simply that it was a tribute. Within just a couple of hours, 115,000 fans had liked the post.

As People notes, it did not take long for Andi Mack fans to voice their disappointment over the Disney Channel’s decision. Many took to Twitter using the hashtags “#RenewAndiMack” and “SaveAndiMack” to lobby for the series to continue.

Fans pointed out that Andi Mack gracefully explored much more than just Cyrus’ coming out storyline. They also addressed topics related to teen pregnancy, learning disabilities, diversity, sexuality, and peer pressure.

If there is any good news to be found within this cancellation news, it may be that it sounds as if the cast and crew were prepared for this. Hopefully, that means that the upcoming series finale was written in such a way as to wrap the show without leaving everybody hanging.

Andi Mack fans are hoping there may be some way to keep the show going, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s a possibility at this point. Those who have fallen in love with these characters will not want to miss the last shows that will start airing in late June.