Teresa Giudice Mistakenly Posts Racist Instagram Comment

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While attempting to rally support for her daughter’s petition to keep Joe Giudice from being deported, Teresa Giudice accidentally made a racist post on Instagram. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star re-grammed Gia’s petition calling to keep her father in the country, but responded to one commenter who wanted to know why she wasn’t as passionate for other immigrant families with a poorly punctuated response.

“Please help our family by signing this petition, the bond & closeness I have with my father I hope & pray my girls have with Joe. Love to you all,” she captioned the post.

“Where was this energy for the Mexican families that trump (who you supported) separated? Not only your family matters, Teresa,” replied one individual.

“I never said that all families matter,” Teresa said, followed by a heart emoji.

Clearly, the reality star meant to say that she never said that, and all families matter, but the missing comma gave the post a whole different flavor.

Gia created the petition in order to garner support to keep her father in the country. After serving time for fraud, Joe was ordered to be deported by the judge presiding over his case. Joe was immediately taken from prison to a detention facility where he is awaiting his appeal to be heard by a federal court. As part of his attempt to stay in the country, Joe is suing the Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General William Barr, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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To help her father’s plight, daughter Gia Giudice created a petition on Change.org to further his cause. Her heartfelt plea reminds people that he was convicted of a non-violent offense and has served his time. He is also, she says, a father to four daughters under the age of 19 and a dedicated businessman and husband.

“My mother and father have fought tirelessly to pay back every single penny of restitution to court deemed they owe. They have made a mistake but rectified it through serving time and by finically satisfying all that was owed,” she writes.

She also says that he doesn’t know anything about Italian culture and has no immediate family there. She concludes the appeal by asking Donald Trump to look at the petition and pardon him.

So far, the petition has 39,900 signatures in just 24 hours and has garnered plenty of media attention. Whether it has any impact on the situation remains to be seen.