Spice Girls Reportedly Mulling Las Vegas Residency Offer

Spice Girls fans unable to catch the group’s comeback tour could be in luck, as The Daily Mail reports that a Las Vegas residency deal may be on the table.

A big-ticket show at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace has reportedly been presented to the British singing group, along with a hefty payday.

A source said to The Sun that many behind the scenes are pushing for the ladies to take the offer.

“The girls haven’t committed to a full US tour, but their production team think a residency could be the perfect fit.

“There is massive money on the table depending on how their UK tour goes.

“Mel B is keen to make it happen as she has a history with Caesars after her burlesque production, Peepshow, was based there in 2009, so she’s totally behind the idea.”

Huge acts such as Britney Spears and Celine Dion have raked in millions of dollars due to the massive success of their lucrative residencies, luring other popular musicians to Las Vegas who want the same.

The owners of The Colosseum are reportedly refurbishing the venue and believe The Spice Girls would be ideal as their premiere performers.

Sources said Mel B has also urged her bandmates to agree to the deal because of its proximity to her home of Los Angeles. She is currently there going through tour rehearsals using Facetime while the rest of the group practice in London.

The fractured tour rehearsals have followed the drama resulting from Mel B’s admission that she and Geri Halliwell were intimate in the past. She admitted on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories that the two once slept together at the beginning of their careers. The revelation mired the group in controversy, reportedly upsetting Geri and causing friction in the group that led to headlines saying the tour was canceled.

Early this month, Emma Bunton made a TV appearance debunking the rumors, saying “It’s all fine.”

Bunton assured that the tour was still set to go on, and show rehearsals were underway. She said all the women had talked and noted that as a girl band, they all shared a deep connection. Bunton added that when the ladies were all together, they acted “like kids at school.” She said their children also attend their rehearsals, which compels them all to coexist peacefully.

In the meantime, Mel B has shared Instagram videos of her and 7-year-old daughter Madison practicing energetic dance moves together, as she rehearses for the tour at her LA home.

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