WWE News: Longtime Superstar Gets New Look And Name, A Tag Team Has Their Name Changed Again


When superstars sign with WWE, they often see their ring names changed upon debuting in NXT or once they hit the main roster. Some of them end up keeping their longtime names and then, there are those who just can’t seem to find their identity. One week after the WWE Superstar Shake-Up, WWE has once again changed the name of a popular tag team while changing the name and look of a former champion.

Last week, the NXT Tag Team Champions formerly known as the War Raiders debuted on Monday Night Raw, but under the name of The Viking Experience. According to Wrestling Inc., WWE has very quietly changed their name once again and sort of combined their two names together for this one.

On WWE’s website, the superstar page lists Rowe still as Erik and Hanson as Ivar, but as a team, they are now known as The Viking Raiders. The original change to The Viking Experience was made after Vince McMahon didn’t like the name of the War Raiders and wanted something new.

It’s not exactly known why the name change was made again, but there was a lot of negative feedback for The Viking Experience. The War/Viking Raiders aren’t the only ones who have seen changes made to them on the main roster as another Raw superstar has not only had his name changed but also his look.

Bobby Roode has decided to take up his heel game a couple of notices by ditching “Bobby” and using the name of Robert Roode. Along with that, though, he has also added “Glorious” onto the front of his name to be referred to as “Glorious” Bobby Roode by anyone who is speaking of him.

Tonight, Roode was scheduled to take on Ricochet who is now a confirmed member of the Raw roster. Along with his name change, Robert Roode also decided to alter his appearance a bit and it is very noticeable with the beard gone and only the mustache remaining.

Old-school wrestling fans will easily notice the similarities to former WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champion “Ravishing” Rick Rude. By the way he speaks of former tag team partner Chad Gable, it seems as if Roode is also going back to being a full-blown heel.

It’s not uncommon for WWE to change the names of some of their superstars and in the case of “Glorious” Robert Roode, it seems he needed a bit of a jump-start. As for The Viking Raiders, they just appear to be in a bit of limbo as far as their name is concerned, but this may end up being their final form.