‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 10 Spoilers: Lagss Almost Defeated Son Goku, Vegeta Goes Beyond Super Saiyan Blue

Dash ToriyamaFlickr(CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 featured the continuation of the battle between Son Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Jiren and the Core Area Warriors led by Hearts. Despite seeing Son Goku’s incredible power, Hearts remained calm, showing how confident he is that they can accomplish their mission to kill God of Everything and rule the entire world.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 started with Son Goku finally deciding to approach Hearts. However, just when he was about to test the power of the Core Area Warriors leader, Kamin and Oren appeared and attacked Son Goku with Ki blasts. Luckily, with the help of the power of Ultra Instinct, Son Goku easily dodged the attacks of the twins. Despite being outnumbered, Son Goku still proved to be more powerful than Kamin and Oren.

After receiving some huge damage in their previous encounter with the Core Area Warriors, Trunks and Vegeta were just serving as spectators. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 also showed Jiren fighting Evil Zamasu, a former Kaioshin apprentice who used the Super Dragon Balls to steal Son Goku’s body and gain immortality. To immediately end the fight, Jiren built an energy ball and launched it against Evil Zamasu.

Pride Trooper leader Toppo thought that the fight was over when Jiren turned Evil Zamasu into dust. However, Jiren started to sense Evil Zamasu’s Ki once again. It was revealed that, like Kamin and Oren, Evil Zamasu also has the ability to regenerate his body.

Meanwhile, after getting beaten by Son Goku, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 featured Kamin and Oren finally using their trump card. By just holding each other’s hands, Kamin and Oren managed to perform fusion technique and were able to turn into Kamioren. Kamioren couldn’t still land a critical strike against Son Goku, but their defense had tremendously improved. During that time, Hearts decided to summon Lagss, a humanoid female. Hearts sent the crystal holding Lagss flying toward Son Goku.

After seeing Son Goku in trouble, Trunks and Vegeta decided to help. Unfortunately, Kamioren prevented them from interfering in the battle. Son Goku managed to break the crystal, but he had noticeably taken a huge amount of damage from the enemy. Lagss showed his true form and launched a powerful attack against Son Goku.

With how they look, it seems like the strongest mortals from all the universes are facing a huge dilemma. However, they will surely not let the Core Area Warriors achieve victory easily. In the final scenes of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10, Vegeta stepped up and went beyond the power of Super Saiyan Blue to beat Kamioren.