Gay Marriage: Ohio Soldier Attempting To Overturn The Amendment

A soldier in Ohio booed at the GOP debate in 2011 for his question on gay marriage is working to overturn the amendment.

A gay US soldier, Stephen Snyder-Hill, was booed during a GOP debate in 2011. This disapproval hasn’t stopped him, though. Snyder-Hill is persisting in an attempt to overturn Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage. Stephen Snyder-Hill of Columbus will be helping with public awareness and promotion of a lift on the constitutional law, according to pro-gay-marriage group FreedomOhio.

Stephen Snyder-Hill in 2011 asked the GOP candidates if they planned to reinforce the ban on openly gay troops. According to the Washington Post, his question was booed during a recording while Snyder-Hill was deployed overseas. In light of recent political events, Snyder-Hill may be encouraged by the recent overturn on gay marriage in several US states.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Fort Bragg recently offered full benefits to the spouse of a lesbian soldier, showing that gay marriage activists are seeing positive progress.

FreedomOhio plans to overturn the amendment banning gay marriage in Ohio. In 2012, supporters started collecting signatures to place their own constitutional law on the 2014 ballot. They will still face serious competition from Republican and religious voters if it gets that far.

The amendment in question garnering support states that same-sex marriages in Ohio or elsewhere in the US would not have to be performed in churches or other religious institutions, nor would they be required to recognize it.

According to ABC News, the current amendment banning gay marriage in Ohio was supported by a majority of voters, indicating a difficult battle ahead.

How do you feel about the gay soldier in Ohio working to overturn the amendment banning gay marriage?