Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Willow Gets Support From Michael, And Jason’s Suspicious Of Brad

Todd WawrychukABC

Things are really heating up this week on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Michael and Willow’s difficult conversation will continue into the episode airing on Wednesday, April 17, and fans are anxious to see how much is revealed.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Willow panicked when she saw Brad talking to Lucas about Dawn of Day. She reached out to Michael and said she would try to talk to Kristina, and she revealed more about her experiences with Shiloh and her time in DOD.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, Willow apologized to Michael and admitted that her baby didn’t die. As viewers remember, Michael and Willow first met at a grief and loss support group, and she had led everybody to believe that she’d recently experienced a painful death of a loved one.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow will share more information with Michael, but perhaps not as much as she could. The sneak peek into Wednesday’s show reveals that Michael will ask if Willow knows the adoptive family. That means that she will explain that she had the baby and placed him for adoption, and according to She Knows Soaps, Michael will be quite compassionate and understanding.

Will Willow tell Michael that she does indeed know the adoptive family? That seems doubtful, at least for now. She and Brad both agreed that they would keep what they knew about the situation between them, and given that Michael is “Wiley’s” godfather, it would be pretty explosive for Willow to fully answer what he’s asking. Even if she does say that she knows who the baby’s adoptive family is, she surely won’t reveal exactly who it is or perhaps even that they’re in Port Charles.

Of course, viewers know key details that neither Michael nor Willow knows. Fans are dying to see Michael learn that Jonah is alive and living with Brad and Lucas as Wiley after Nelle handed the baby over to Brad. However, that revelation will come with major heartbreak for Willow when she learns that the baby boy she placed for adoption has died.

For now, all of that will remain hidden. General Hospital spoilers hint that Willow will remain concerned about Brad’s deepening involvement in Dawn of Day, and some fans speculate that “Wiley” may end up going missing. The theories ponder that the baby may be kidnapped either as Willow grows desperate to keep “her” baby away from DOD or via Shiloh if he learns the baby is supposedly his biological child.

Wednesday’s show will also bring developments that prompt Jason to learn more of Brad’s DOD connection. Jason was surprised when Brad said the DOD cup didn’t have any traces of drugs. Of course, he would have no reason to suspect that Shiloh got to Brad first.

However, General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason will come to learn of Brad’s developing allegiance to Shiloh and Dawn of Day during the April 17 show. The more Jason learns about Shiloh and DOD, the more concerned he is, and viewers are hoping he’ll take the cup elsewhere to be tested once he finds out that Brad has some loyalty to Shiloh’s organization.

At this point, General Hospital spoilers hint that Shiloh will continue to wreak havoc on Port Charles and those around town for a while yet. Sonny, Jason, Alexis, and Michael are determined to keep Kristina safe, but it won’t be an easy task.