Kelly Ripa Admits She Had ‘Baby Fever’ After Meeting Andy Cohen’s Newborn Son, Benjamin

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

While Kelly Ripa may already have three kids in her brood, a meeting with Bravo boss Andy Cohen’s newborn had her itching for more.

As fans know, Ripa is already the proud mother of three grown children — Michael, 21, Lola, 19, and Joaquin, 16 – and she often takes to her Instagram account to gush over them, especially on special events like graduations or birthdays. But even though her youngest is already 16-years-old, Ripa recently admitted that she was itching for more.

According to The Daily Mail, Ripa took a seat alongside pal and guest host Andy Cohen on her hit show Live With Kelly and Ryan and while they were there, the pair chatted about a number of topics, including babies. As Ripa explained to viewers and the studio audience, she caught a bit of baby fever shortly after meeting Andy Cohen’s newborn son — Benjamin.

Ripa says that following the meeting with the newborn, she tried to convince her husband, Riverdale star Mark Consuelos, to have another baby with her but sadly, her passes were shot down.

“I was putting it out there for [Mark] last night. He was like, ‘It’s alright. Let’s be grateful for what we have,'” she shared. “And then he put on Game of Thrones and fell asleep, which was the anti-aphrodisiac.”

And Andy himself admitted that Kelly isn’t the only one who has had baby fever after meeting his little guy. According to the Watch What Happens Live host, Benjamin has a way of making the ladies crave a little baby, and can you really even blame them?

“He is causing women all over my life to start re-ovulating. Kelly came over, her body was responding in ways — I was like, Whoa!’ … I do have to calm the ladies down a little bit.”

Kelly replied by telling Andy that he really does make her think that she wants another child before backtracking and saying that he has “fooled” her into wanting another. Back in February, Cohen shared the great news with his Instagram followers that he was a proud father to a 9-pound-2-ounce bundle of joy.

The TV personality explained that Benjamin was named after his grandfather — Ben Allen – before going on to confess that he was over-the-moon with joy over his first child.

“I’m in love. And speechless. And eternally grateful to an incredible surrogate. And I’m a dad. Wow,” he wrote on the post.

Fans immediately flooded the Bravo personality’s Instagram photo with a ton of love including 1.1 million likes as well as an impressive 58,000 comments. Being a dad never looked so good!