Steve Garvey Cancer Surgery: Dodgers ‘Iron Man’ Talks About Prostate Battle

Steve Garvey’s cancer surgery has the former Dodgers first base great talking about his battle with prostate cancer. Steve Garvey is a 10-time All-Star and 1974 National League MVP whose efforts earned him the nickname the “Iron Man” for his record for most consecutive games played at 1,207.

In the fall of 2012, Steve Garvey had cancer surgery at the UCLA Medical Center in October after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Steve Garvey’s cancer surgery removed the gland and he has successfully been cancer free ever since. Steve Garvey now hopes to devote a considerable amount of his time to prostate cancer awareness.

Steve Garvey explained his motivation for supports prostate cancer awareness to the Los Angeles Times:

“I was thrown a pretty good curveball by God. I felt I was being challenged to work for prostate awareness for men and the women who love them.”

After his cancer surgery, Steve Garvey plans on selling his baseball memorabilia collection, including his 1974 NL MVP Award and 1981 World Series championship ring. Steve Garvey says he had been considering selling his collection “for a couple years, now,” but his cancer surgery gave an impetus for this decision. Steve Garvey said 70 percent of the proceeds would go toward prostate cancer awareness.

Steve Garvey talked to USA Today about selling his baseball memorabilia:

“I just thought that it’s all wonderful, but we’ve all looked at it for a long time and maybe it’s time to share it with others; and we have some projects we’re working on that we’d like to contribute to.”

The baseball collection auction in April is expected to bring in six figures apiece for some of the items. Steve Garvey said he is retaining some personal keepsakes to pass on to his children. His son Ryan, an outfielder with the Rockies, is scheduled to report to their minor league camp next week.

Steve Garvey’s cancer surgery has turned a scary situation into an opportunity to help others. What do you think about the former Dodgers star working for prostate cancer awareness?