MMA Rumors: Dana White Breaks Silence On Daniel Cormier-Brock Lesnar Rumors, Reveals DC's 'Two Nasty Fights'

Since defeating the "baddest man on the planet" Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has been campaigning for a super-fight against former UFC champion and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. In a post-fight interview, Cormier called out Lesnar, who immediately got inside the Octagon and shoved "DC." As of now, the UFC hasn't given any update when and where the Cormier-Lesnar fight will take place.

However, there are rumors and speculations circulating that UFC President Dana White has started making moves to make the much-awaited faceoff between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar happen. In a UFC 236 post-fight conference (transcribed by MMA Weekly), White decided to break his silence, saying that the Cormier-Lesnar rumors "weren't true." White also defended Cormier from people who are criticizing him for calling out Lesnar.

"I've been talking about that's the fight that Cormier wants," White said. "I saw a lot of people giving Cormier s—t on the internet cause he wants that fight. First of all, Brock Lesnar wants to come back. I don't know when and when we'll get it done. Daniel Cormier has done everything we've ever asked him. He's fought everybody we've ever wanted. He's been a great champion. He's an incredible ambassador to the sport. If he wants the Brock Lesnar fight, why shouldn't he get the Brock Lesnar fight? He's talking about retiring and he wants to fight Lesnar."

UFC President Dana White believes that Daniel Cormier is one of the few MMA fighters who have the right to choose who he wants to fight next. If Cormier really wants to fight Lesnar before he retires, White gave the reigning UFC heavyweight champion an assurance that he has his full support. Unfortunately, since Lesnar had begun the process to get back into the USADA's drug-testing pool last July, White said that the WWE superstar hasn't given him an update when he will be allowed or if he remains interested in fighting again in the Octagon.

While they are waiting for Brock Lesnar, UFC President Dana White confirmed that Daniel Cormier still has "two nasty fights" left before he permanently leaves the world of mixed martial arts. White revealed that the next potential opponents of Cormier include UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former UFC heavy champion Stipe Miocic. Beating Miocic for the second time will help Cormier prove that he's the real king in the heavyweight division, while a win against Jones will cement his status as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.