Hillary Clinton Says Issue With Trump Family Separation Policy Is Failure To Successfully Track Children

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the 10th edition of Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit.

The 2016 Democratic presidential contender discussed a variety of issues with host Fareed Zakaria. American politics and Donald Trump came up during the conversation, and so did the president’s widely-criticized family separation policy.

The organization described Hillary Clinton’s take on immigration as “nuanced.”

The former secretary of state came out against the idea of open borders — Trump frequently suggests that the Democratic Party is pro-“open borders” — saying that that is “not in anybody’s interest.” However, Clinton condemned both sides of the immigration argument, suggesting that some deny the problem of illegal immigration, while others use it for political gain.

“For people who want to deny a problem, or people who don’t want to solve the problem but want to use it as a political issue — they’re both, in my view, failing,” the former first lady said, adding that the number of immigration judges should “quadruple” in order to speed up the process at the border.

Hillary Clinton also discussed Trump’s family separation policy, the result of which has been thousands of migrant children separated from their parents. According to Time, although the Trump administration is not the first to pursue such policies, its efforts have been described as more aggressive. The vast majority of Americans opposes family separation.

But according to Hillary Clinton, the greatest issue with the Trump administration’s controversial policy is the failure to successfully track children. According to the former secretary of state, the administration should have asked tech companies to develop more sophisticated systems needed to enforce the policy.

“One of the worst things this administration has done is to separate those children and have no system that actually would tell you where they are. I would go to the big tech companies and I would say, ‘Okay, you’ve got 15 days. Give me a system so that I can keep track of everyone. I’m not going to lose anyone.'”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, during her appearance at the event, Clinton also gave advice to Democrats running against President Donald Trump, urging them to strike a balance between ignoring him, and responding to his “distractions.”

The 2016 presidential contender also implored the Democratic Party to work on preserving the Affordable Care Act, instead of trying to introduce “Medicare for All.”

Clinton added that the Democrats should still aim for single-payer healthcare system, and “set that goal,” asking: “How do we pay for it?”

Research has shown, however, that implementing “Medicare for All” would actually save an enormous amount of money.