Naked Mystery Man Hunted By Police After Doing Star Jumps In The Nude

A naked mystery man, who has been strutting his stuff and concerning locals in the streets of Penwortham in England’s north, is wanted by police.

The Lancashire Evening Post reports the unclothed anonymous man was first seen casually strolling down Penwortham’s Hill Road South wearing nothing but his eye glasses and shoes around 6:30am on February 19.

Huffington Post also reports the naked enigma, who has been described as a bespectacled white man in his twenties, was seen in the small Lancashire town a second time on February 21, this time performing a set of star jumps, or jumping jacks, in the nude.

Detective Sargent Richard Horton from South Ribble Criminal Investigation Department is appealing for details from the public to help catch the naked mystery man. Detective Sargent Horton is urging anyone who sees the exhibitionist or has any information on his identity to call the police straight away.

Nudity has been no stranger to the news of late with the Leopold Museum in Vienna this week hosting naked gallery tours, allowing patrons to view a series of art displays showcasing the male form. Last November, nude demonstrators took to the streets in San Francisco to protest the city’s new public nudity ban, and in the same month a man was detained in London after climbing a Whitehall horse statue in the nude.

There have been no indications that Lancashire’s mysterious streaker has been involved in any lewd behaviour other than being unclothed in public, nor is there any detail if the exhibition is a public stunt or if the man is suffering any mental health issues. With minimum temperatures in Penwortham averaging 33 degrees Fahrenheit, there is small expectation the nude escapades of this naked mystery man would continue much longer.