‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Gets Premiere Date, Reveals New Teaser Trailer & Fans Are Losing It

Michael BucknerGetty Images

Kristen Bell and the producers of Veronica Mars have gone to great lengths to make sure the beloved series is a gift they keep on giving. The teen-centric series, which first appeared on The CW in 2004 came to an end in 2007 and is considered a “cult classic” show. Since then, fans have participated in a Kickstarter project — helmed by Bell and director Rob Thomas — that launched a movie, which premiered in 2014, and now, the revival of the actual series has a starting date, a home on a popular streaming platform, and fans of the series on the edge of their seats.

The reboot, aptly titled Veronica Mars, will be released on Hulu on July 26. The teaser trailer, released on Friday, shows Veronica Mars herself, played by Kristen Bell, packing up her supplies for a day of fighting crime in her hometown of Neptune. Wielding her infamous taser, Bell spits off all of the unsightly things that can occur during spring break in the town — which fans of the show know is constantly full of drama — and shares that she will be ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

“Spring break in Neptune. That means drunks, derelicts, flashers, frat boys, sorority vomit, pickpockets, bottomless drinks and topless dancers, street scum and beach bums. And that’s just the walk to my car. Fortunately, I’m good to go,” Bell says in a voiceover.

According to The Wrap, Bell’s isn’t the only familiar face fans will see in the eight-part revival. Jason Dohring, who played Mars’ on-again-off-again beau, Logan, will be returning, and according to the official Instagram account of the series, he’s been working out hard to get his body ready for the show.

Additionally, fan-favorite characters Weevil (Francis Capra), Richard Casablancas (David Starzyk), Wallace (Percy Daggs III), and comedic relief Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen) will all be returning as well. And, of course, if fans were looking for that adorable dad and daughter onscreen chemistry between Mars and her father, Keith, they’re in luck. Enrico Colantoni will be coming back to the series as well.

The official Twitter account for the series shared the promo clip, and fans went absolutely nuts seeing one of their favorite characters back in action.

“Been a Marshmallow since DAY 1 even contributed to get the movie made. I cannot WAIT for this,” one fan shared.

“Beyond excited for new episodes of Veronica Mars. I love Kristen Bell so much in this role, okay in every role but I love Veronica so much,” added another

All eight episodes of the series will be available to stream when the show premieres on July 26 on Hulu.