‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Ava’s Scheme Edges Forward As It Appears Ryan May Already Be Back

Michael YadaABC

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, fans watched as Kevin’s case was dismissed, Ava questioned Jordan about the likelihood that Ryan was alive, and someone spied on Ava as she grabbed a coffee at Charlie’s. Spoilers tease that there are juicy developments on the way with these characters and some big steps will play out during the week of April 15.

Ava was about to order a drink at Charlie’s, but she switched to coffee and noted that she had to keep her wits about her. As she did this, some unseen person was watching her from outside. Of course, this person wasn’t shown, and he or she quickly pulled away as Ava approached the door.

Naturally, fans feel that this is likely Ryan. Ava talked with Felicia and Laura about trying to lure Ryan back to town, and it certainly looks like he might already be hovering around. According to General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, Ava will take forward steps in trying to implement her plan to draw out Ryan.

As The Inquisitr noted, it seems likely that Ava will try to get Scott to agree to a fake romance with her to spark jealousy in Ryan. Scotty is the natural choice for this plan, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Ava will call Scott and ask for help during the episode airing on Thursday, April 18.

During next Friday’s show, Ava will be rejected in some way. Does this mean that Scott will refuse to help her? That may be the case, but viewers will be interested to see how Scotty replies to Ava’s request. He may try to talk her out of pursuing this, worried for her mental health and safety, but this will probably not dissuade Ava.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ava will face a failure of some sort on Monday, April 22. It seems likely that this new cat-and-mouse game will probably take a while to play out, especially with the May sweeps and Nurses Ball right around the corner.

Filming for the Nurses Ball has been taking place on the set this week, and it is slated to begin airing on May 16. Will Ryan show himself during the Nurses Ball and will Ava get the revenge she so desperately craves?

Fans were glad to get to a point of resolution on the Ryan storyline, at least to the degree that Ava learned the truth. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that there is still more drama on the way before anybody can be certain that Ryan really is no longer a threat.

Will Ava get the opportunity to destroy Ryan as she is hoping? Additional General Hospital spoilers should reveal more about where this is headed soon, and it looks like the week of April 15 will be a juicy one.