The French Media Are ‘Openly Writing’ About Prince William’s Rumored Affair

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It looks as if William’s dangerous liaisons have made its way into the French media, and new details are beginning to emerge in Vanity Fair France about his alleged affair with chic country neighbor Rose Hanbury.

Though the article is not yet available online, the print version was summarized in a post from celebrity blog Celebitchy.

Though several British publications, such as The Sun, were warned by the palace not to report on the story, Vanity Fair France alleges that it is now widely spoken of in aristocratic circles.

“This infidelity is supposedly an open secret waiting to be spread on the public place.”

Vanity Fair France believes that the whispers first started when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, asked her friends in the country set to completely freeze out the Cholmondeleys without explanation.

Vanity Fair France also alleges that the rumored feud that has torn about the houses of Cambridge and Sussex had little to do with Meghan Markle; rather, it was due to Harry’s anger at his brother’s infidelity. Harry reportedly “couldn’t understand William’s attitude” about the affair.

Princess Diana, mother of the two princes, famously suffered terrible emotional anguish due to her husband Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, calling her marriage “crowded” because “there were three of us” in a famous Panorama interview.

The French publication also goes into more details about the past of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Although she now lives in the country with her three children, Vanity Fair France writes that she was once “an it-girl who used to live on booze nights and photo shots.” The magazine also referenced the rumor that Hanbury had an affair with British actor Hugh Grant.

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Most explosively, however, was the magazine’s allegation that Prince William has faced whispers of cheating before.

“It’s not the first time.”

However, the article noted that despite facing such rumors before, this was the first time the Cambridges seemed “shaken and destabilized.”

According to the authors, though Kensington Palace has done much to try to quiet the rumors, it is telling that they are not denying the rumors outright. Though the future Prince of Wales has considered litigation, courtiers worry that it will simply “add fuel to the fire.”

Peter Allen, a veteran journalist who writes for publications such as The Guardian, gave his take of the developments on Twitter.

“The upmarket Vanity Fair France is now running a salacious feature on Prince William’s private life. Follows mainstream newspapers such as Nice Matin & le Dauphiné libéré doing the same. Odd to see French media leading coverage of such matters. Must be very sure of their facts.”