Whole Foods Yanks Chicken Ad Featuring President Obama Drawing

Whole Foods pulled a chicken advertisement with a drawing of President Barack Obama. The New York store used a hand-drawn image of the president to promote a one-day organic chicken sale. The sign was posted at a location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

A representative from Whole Foods maintains that store artists typically use “pop culture” images to promote special events and sales. The spokesman also stated that the sign was placed inside the store earlier in the week but was taken down when a shopper noted it might be offensive, CBS News notes.

Woody Henderson, a neighbor to the Whole Foods store was very upset about the sign. He noted that two things used to “put down black people” have always been chicken and watermelon, The Blaze notes. Jason Nunez of the Bronx had this to say about the President Obama Whole Foods chicken sign:

“Even if he’s not the president, you’re going to have an African-American promoting a sale of chicken? They can do better than that.”

Some passersby and resident were in agreement that the man in the chicken ad for Whole Foods looked like President Obama, but they did not see the caricature as racist or offensive, NBC News reports.

Whole Foods maintains that no disrespect was intended by placing a drawing of President Obama on the chicken sale advertisement. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, CEO John Mackey referred to the controversial Obamacare law as “fascism.”

What do you think about the use of President Obama by Whole Foods on a sign advertising an organic chicken sale?

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[Secondary Image Via: The Blaze]