Lena Dunham Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety With Emotional Instagram Post

Lena Dunham has always been incredibly open and honest with her fans, and today is certainly no exception.

As fans of the actress know, she frequently opens up on Instagram whether it be in a candid photo or a heartfelt post. Earlier today, the Girls star shared an up close and personal photo of herself to celebrate one year sober. In the selfie, Dunham appears to be in her pajamas as she gives the thumbs up and wears her hair wet and slightly messy.

To go along the photo, Dunham shares a lengthy caption with fans that expresses her feelings over such a milestone in her life.

“Today I’m in the miraculous position of being one year sober. I’ve done a lot of cool things in this life, but none has brought me the peace, joy and lasting connections that being part of a sober fellowship has (not even all girls camp. Sorry, Bunk Kingfisher.)”

Lena continues the post by telling fans that while life is undoubtedly full of problems, there is thankfully a solution to every single one of them. She explains that she is certainly not alone in her battle with sobriety, noting that in every single city in the country, there are a number of people who are battling the same disease as she is, and she wants to send her support to all of those people.

At first, Lena says that she didn’t even know she had an issue since her drugs were doctor prescribed and she was never much of a partier.

“But wouldn’t you say that hurting people you love is an issue? Wouldn’t you say feeling lost and lonely much of the time is an issue? Wouldn’t you say wearing shorts to a movie premiere *is* an issue,” she continued.

To end the post, Lena keeps with the theme of being open and honest, saying that sobriety hasn’t completely fixed all of her problems and life is still challenging, but every new day she is surprised by reality. The 32-year-old lets fans know that she doesn’t need to escape “this beautiful carnival,” but rather she is along for the ride.

“Please remember you are never too far gone, too broken or too unique. There are people in plain sight waiting to help you. Let’s do this.”

Since the post went live on her account, Lena’s fans have been showering her with love and support as the photo has already earned over 59,000 likes in addition to 1,700 comments. While many fans commented on the post to let Lena know that she is incredibly brave for sharing her story, countless others chimed in to share their own stories of their battle to stay sober.

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