Pomeranian Found Live Grenade On Beach

Dorset, England – A relic of World War II gave dog owner Jason Edwards a fright when he realized what his six-month-old Pomeranian Bibi had discovered, a live, pin-in grenade.

During a stroll on the beach at Canford Cliffs in Poole, Dorset, 41-year-old Edwards noticed Bibi playing with what he assumed was a large brown stone. To his dismay, after closer inspection, the playful pooch was sniffing a weather-aged, heavily corroded metal object resembling a hand-held grenade.

The BBC News reports Edwards admitting:

“The first thing I very stupidly did was to take a photograph, because it was right on the waterline and I’m not sure if the tide was coming in or out. I just wanted to record it in case it had been buried underneath the sea before anyone came to have a look at it.”

Afterwards Edwards marked the location with a pile of rocks.

Authorities were notified and the immediate area was evacuated and cordoned off. Experts of the Royal Navy bomb disposal unit carefully relocated the device to a secluded area of the beach and detonated it in a controlled explosion. Thankfully, no one including the dog was injured.

It was later surmised the near 70-year-old explosive device had been inadvertently left behind following a D-Day training exercise, according to the Daily Mail, which took place just up the shore at Studland, Dorset in April 1944.

World War II (WWII), also known as the Second World War, began in 1939 and ended in 1945. The global conflict principally involved Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Allies were composed of France, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Records estimate 40 to 50 million deaths incurred in WWII, making it one of the most fatal historical engagements.