‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Will Still Have Doubts About Romancing Peter

Todd WawrychukABC Press

There is much more drama to come on General Hospital this week. Ryan Chamberlain could still be alive, Kristina is still being duped by Shiloh, and Lulu will be leaving Port Charles for a while. In the romance department, Maxie and Peter still have to sort out their feelings for each other.

It’s been obvious for months now that Peter has been smitten with his sister-in-law. Ever since Nathan died, he has stepped up to make sure that Maxie and James are safe, and has been a friend to her as well. Now Maxie is struggling with moving on after Nathan’s death. Up until now, she has pushed back her feelings for Peter, but now she feels that the time is right, sort of. Soap Central teases that she will still have her doubts about forming a romance with Nathan’s brother.

On Friday’s episode, Anna talked to both Maxie and Peter about sharing their feelings with each other instead of assuming things. Peter has a little bit of competition as Chet Driscoll is also interested in pursuing Maxie. He asked her out, but she turned him down stating that she had feelings for someone else. Peter was surprised when she told him.

On Monday, they are expected to discuss a possible romance between them. Maxie will have her doubts about Peter, or maybe anyone else besides Nathan. It’s been hard since she lost the love of her life, but she knows she will have to eventually. It was apparent on Friday that Anna is all for her son getting together with Maxie.

Maxie will need someone to lean on when her best friend, Lulu, will be saying goodbye for a while. She is heading to Paris to recoup for a bit after her attack by Ryan and Dante leaving her again. Maxie will understand, but it will be difficult not to have Lulu around for support.

What about Chet? Is he totally out of the picture now? Maxie told Peter that she must be crazy for turning her high school crush down like that. If General Hospital fans had their way, she would be running far away from Peter and trying out a relationship with Chet instead. Most viewers are not too happy with Peter romancing Maxie, but it appears that the writers are pushing towards this couple, at least for now.

Keep watching General Hospital to see what develops between Peter and Maxie this week.